This course and community

supports creatives in going from

anxious, stressed, frustrated,

and “going it alone”



in more control,

relieved to have support,

and feeling joy in every step of the process.


Join our community for the 21 day course, followed by 3 months of full membership.

You will enjoy this monthly price for life.


COURSE: $250


Join our community for the 21-day course, followed by 12 months of full membership.

You will enjoy this monthly price for life.


COURSE: $250

12 MONTH MEMBERSHIP: $41.66 (paid annually)

Early Bird BONUS

Join today, and I will send you a link to book
a private 1-1 coaching call with me.

My private clients have said things like
"That 30 minutes changed my life."

Join our community for 3 months starting with the 21 day course.

You will enjoy the course and then 3 months of full access to the membership.


COURSE: $250


Join our community for 12 months starting with the 21 day course.

You will enjoy the course and then 12 months of full access to the membership.


COURSE: $250

12 MONTH MEMBERSHIP: $41.66 (paid annually)

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Are You Ready?

Want even more support?

With Premium you get everything in the course and community

PLUS 2 deep coaching sessions to use anytime in the next 6 months!







1. Join

2. Lift Off (21 days)

3. Thrive


  • Live calls
  • Community support
  • 24/7 Communication platform
  • Inspiring and challenging writing prompts
  • A safe and judgement-free container
  • Community-lead workshops


(It does feel good but I’m not a therapist)

(You have to do the work yourself)

Always comfortable
(Discomfort is where growth lives)

Art or business course
(We do talk about It. A lot.)


  • your life skills
  • your art skills
  • your business skills
  • your communication skills
  • real friendships
  • your sense of purpose and self-worth


In our community we share just about everything.


Because art isn’t just a thing we do,

it’s part of the tapestry of our lives. 


In our community, we grow through

meaningful, deep inner work,

mutual support and learning.







This is for YOU if...​

  • You are creative (hobbyist or pro, we are folks who make visual art, music, write, sculpt, and more)
  • You've been going it mostly alone
  • You enjoy being in the company of other creatives that is safe, supportive, confidential, judgement-free, and fun.
  • You know what to do, but you're not doing it.
  • You are afraid to apply for some jobs.
  • You feel stuck with your current work.
  • You are having trouble getting started on bigger projects.
  • You are putting off your next big personal project.
  • You would love a safe place to test out your ideas before taking first steps.
  • You want more confidence.
  • You want to make more "right" moves.
  • You are ready for tough questions.
  • You want to know WHY you're doing what you're doing.
  • You like sci-fi fantasy
    (not a requirement, but it seems like a common theme with our community).

This is NOT for you if...

  • Your biggest dream is to just pay your bills.
  • You just want to keep doing what you are doing and have it magically work.
  • You aren't willing to show up.
  • You refuse to journal, ever.
  • You think just thinking on your own about what to do will solve your problems.
  • You are unwilling to be challenged.
  • You are unwilling to try new things.
  • You are unwilling to invest time and money into building a life that is focused on fulfillment.

You Alone Can Do It, But You Can't Do It Alone.
My Coach Dermot Butterly
6-Figure Coach And Mentor
Stop Winging It.
My Coach Jamie Broderick
Leadership And Positioning


a safe, Judgment-free,
and confidential
online community

Like-minded creatives at many points in the journey.
We all go through an initial Lift Off, with some short homework,
and lots of live and online interaction and support from the community.

The community is a private, confidential place to continue your work between sessions

group coaching

For you to build connections and support to be bolder, more confident, and more courageous.


Weekly options for co-working and discussion. We may dig into the latest films, & tech things like video and social media.


We have folks who know about world-building, audience-building, social media, software, and more.
And we love to share.

1-1 Coaching

Optional opportunities to get support from a certified professional coach who knows the art and SFF world, and other worlds!

Lift OFF



  1. Orientation


  • Daily journaling prompts (10-15 minutes).
  • Live 90-min sessions with insight, exercises, and discussion.
  • A platform for asynchronous discussion, resource-sharing, and ongoing support.
  • Instant connection with the larger community.
  • A live audio/video room for participants 24/7.
  • Live coaching with a multiple-certified ICF PCC coach (Marc Scheff).


I have spent years working with and teaching both the creative process, and the process for engaging with real transformational change. This is work that I have both studied and done myself.

I was exposed to some of these ideas in the training I did for my coaching certifications, over a decade of teaching and mentoring sci-fi fantasy illustration, and the learnings and results I see in my 1-1 coaching work.

The main thread of the Lift Off takes each participant through deep exploration of their own Neuro-logical levels, the concept that was honed and popularized by Robert Dilts. This framework is incredibly useful in transformational and communication work. By understanding change it is possible to bring various aspects within your control.

It also bonds the group to each other and our standards of safe judgement-free communication.

The course also offers exercises, insights, and discussion around positive intelligence, story reframing, and much more.

And through that, the power of a community that is creating a space to support and nurture that growth is key.

Look, nobody can promise you a turnkey fix.

What this community offers is a space to make clear decisions to turn your trajectory to a vision that you create with intention, and all the mistakes you need to make along the way. We will help you get back up and keep going.



Sign up now and get a 1-1 session every week leading up to the course. You will get coaching on your unique goals, fears and hesitations, to get you ready to jump in.


Immediate access to your Road Map design so you’re clear on what direction to take. You’ll get clear on exactly how you will get your results.


  • 6 x 90ish minute confidential group Coaching sessions on Zoom.
  • Daily tools and insights.
  • Membership in private channels on an exclusive platform.
  • Support and challenge as you need to get past stuckness.
  • a 30 minute one on one Coaching session during the course.

Early birds also get a 30 minute one on one Coaching session before the course.


  • Be open to receiving support.
  • Be open to sharing support.
  • Zoom calls will be focused on powerful questions to shift your thinking.
  • Group attention on the issues most pressing to you.
  • Discussions designed to unlock your potential, or get you unstuck.
  • Individual attention from Professional Coach, Marc Scheff.
  • A community of people who know that success comes from heart and spirit.
  • Accountability channels to get weekly support on a specific goal or goals.

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What Else Do You Get?

Everything below is something that participants in the course say they have gotten. I’ll keep saying it, nothing in life is guaranteed. The opportunity is absolutely there if you are willing to show up to the work.

  • “The most non-judgemental place on the internet”
    I’ve asked, this is what members say.
  • Clarity of Purpose
    Decisions are easy when you’ve got a sense of Purpose.
  • A Vision you can communicate clearly
    The path is easier to find when you can say what direction you’re headed.
  • Action steps to take right now
    Make progress, past all your old high-scores
  • Systems that work for the long term
    Custom-tailored systems to stay committed and build on that progress. All you have to do is show up and engage.
… and more.

What Are the Results?

One client took the first vacation they have ever had.

One attended their first convention in many years, sold work, and reconnected with their art community.

Another moved past fear and began building meaningful professional relationships.

Another developed a deep sense of groundedness and freedom in their work and life.

And recently one didn’t hit his Kickstarter goals … and loved it.

will you get those results?

I‘ll keep dealing straight here and say I won’t guarantee it!

You have to show up.

Even lurkers get value here. Those who participate get more.

Participants have said that the community provides an incredibly safe and judgement-free space. By learning to co-create this space, they have noted an impact on the creative work they make AND what they do with it.

Am I Ready?

I work with people who will get value out of the work. So, when you sign up, you will get support right away.

You will get:

1. A ROAD MAP with questions to help you design your path.

2. AN ASSESSMENT FORM to help you create your own unique course goals and expectations.

3. ONE-ON-ONE invitation to a call with me to ask anything and get personal Coaching on your goals.

Marc is a highly talented person centered coach. He has a natural ability bring you back ‘front and centre,' in order for you to feel the results and put them into action for yourself. Creating lasting tangible results.
Nina Tara
Art Therapist


Your Team

Your Guide

I am a Coach.

I have multiple certifications (ECPC, ICF ACC, and a non-certificate completion in Trauma-informed Coach training from Erickson international). I have earned CEUs through both the ICF and independent educators like Rich Litvin.

I am also an award-winning artist, educator, and parent.

For the last 20ish years I have successfully navigated multiple career and life transitions, a few of which were through “dark” times. With the tools I’m now sharing in this course, each transition made me happier and closer to my own Purpose every time.

I have coached and been coached in formal programs like Erickson International, deep coaching weekend retreats, one-on-one short and long term, and with organizational leaders that have built incredible projects out of thin air.

What I am great at is helping people find where they hid their courage, where their genius lies, and how to put those things together to achieve dreams of any size.

Your Community Manager

I am Erica Lyn Schmidt.

I spend my days as a professional fine artist, and enjoy blurring the lines between traditional painting and sculpture. My art explores the deeper meaning of my experiences through whimsical animal characters, metaphor, and prose.

Entering the coaching space was a natural progression after years of incorporating deep introspection and inner growth into my work. Beyond my love of being coached, I’m also fascinated by the process of building a program and engineering the right environment for epiphanies and growth. 

Connection and support within this community are the fertile soil for the work we do—I’ve come to know that the people in our lives are our greatest asset and strength.

Are you ready to...


Your Potential


Your Deeper Purpose And Vision


At Limiting Beliefs


A Breakthrough Plan Of Action

Marc helped me see why my mission is so important to me, which gave me rocket fuel to move ahead and bust through obstacles. Marc is an exceptional Coach.
Chris Wilkinson
Success Coach


If you do the work, remain open, and push yourself to look deeply and objectively at the stories you have been telling yourself for your whole life, you will see a change. 


I work with people who are ready, and who are willing to face their discomfort.

Are you are willing to think bigger than you have in the past? Does unknown potential excite you? If that sounds like you, then it seems like you’re not just anyone, and might be ready to get started.

Accountability is built in through the regular group and one-on-one attention.

Still, there are no grades, no consequences beyond your own results.

Just like life.

But unlike life, this is a judgment-free space.

Will I ask what happened?

Will you be judged if you fail?
Absolutely not.
Especially if you are willing to get up again.

You will have tools at the end of this program to accelerate your creativity and support your ongoing growth.

Our next launch will be offered just this once

for $47 a month.


Price will go up in the future.

Like anything in life, you get what you put in. And just like anything worth doing, it’s worth putting in that effort. Those who show up have seen amazing results.

Members say that they got a lot more than what they put in. And the time they’ve saved on NOT spinning their wheels has more than made up for the time doing this work.

But you probably want more specifics, I get it 🙂

We have monthly live group coaching calls, and weekly options for co-working and discussion.

You will get more value if you share and support in the online forum.

You are tired of going it alone.

You want connection and support more often than the occasional or annual convention.

You want to do this with people who already know what a flux-capacitor is.

Registration will be opening soon.

Notification will go to my mailing list (where I also share stories and insights).